Will at Ethos
18 Oct 2019

“Living with my parents, I got myself into a real mess. I tried to look after myself, and didn’t really know just how difficult that is.

"So within the first few months of coming here, I felt I really had more ability to sort out any routines I might need to go through. Also that sense of independence I got back … I’ll say it gave me space and self esteem. You know it really did help my self esteem, because I felt like I figured out these routines now, and it’s because of being here that I’ve been able to do that.

"You know, it’s just a real boost for the confidence.

"If you saw me when I first moved here I was a mess. I wasn’t looking after myself, I wasn’t doing anything for myself really, just because all I wanted to do was stay in bed all the time - and that was a result of depression from being at my parents. So coming here I’ve managed to personally get through...fight those demons, if you like.

"They have helped me figure out how I’m going to sort out my own care package, making sure I have the right equipment, so like a hospital bed and a mattress...Things you wouldn’t necessarily think about, because you’re focusing on your injury.

"I’m a lot more regular with things now. I’ll do my washing every couple of days or so. There’s a lot more routine which I wasn’t able to figure out when I was living with my parents.

"The PAs are absolutely amazing with their job because they care and it’s that obvious. Complete strangers coming over can see that much. They will use a lot of their time to help, they do extra to help. They stay late and there are so many things...Louise, one of the PAs, often cooks, she will come in and cook a nice meal for everybody, and nobody asked her to do it. She just does it because it’s a nice thing, and it is little things like that, that as a collective the PAs are very good with.

"Coming to Ethos would be the perfect place to adapt, essentially, to what life is like using a wheelchair outside of hospital...until you feel independent and confident enough to do things on your own.”