Welcome Karen! to the Ethos team.
11 Jan 2021

We’re a small but dedicated team here at Ethos and so when we recruit someone with the same energy and enthusiasm as we have for what we do, it’s a huge bonus. 

So, we would like to introduce Karen Schofield as our new full-time specialist housing support co-ordinator and welcome her to the team.

Karen, who lives in Oswestry, joined us in December after two years as the team leader for our care provider, Active Assistance. 

She has more than 30 years experience in all aspects of the care sector including residential, nursing and palliative care as well as spinal injuries expertise. 

Karen has taken on the new role as specialist housing support co-ordinator which combines two previous part-time posts. 

She will be involved in helping clients sort out their benefits, liaising with housing authorities and talking to occupational therapists, social workers and care providers to make sure our clients can leave Ethos to lead a new independent life. 

On top of all that she will support our clients in gaining the skills they need to live independently after their life-changing illness or injury. 

Karen has played a key role over the last year in keeping our clients safe during the pandemic in her previous job as Active Assistance team leader. She says that her immediate priority is to maintain a regime which will continue to protect all our clients from the virus while still allowing them to see friends and family.

 But in the longer term she is looking forward to helping make a difference to people who, through no fault of their own, have seen their lives changed through illness or accident. 

“For many of our clients their old life has been taken away from them. If I can make a difference and help them look forward to a new life, that will make me really happy. My motto is to look for the positives and put a smile on their faces and that’s got to be a good thing,” she said.

Karen is also hoping to lead some extra fund raising for us. She has already helped raise thousands of pounds by organising an Ethos entry into a charity mud run in September 2019 – not bad for a 50-year-old grandmother of two (soon to be three) granddaughters. 

Karen Schofield and her son Liam Rodway completing the 2019 charity mud run.jpg

“I’m hoping my son and I can do something in 2021 or 2022 – depending on the pandemic. I did a charity sky dive eight years ago after my brother passed away so we’re hoping to do something just as crazy as that,” said Karen.

All of us at Ethos are really looking forward to working with Karen in her new role and we can’t wait to hear about her new fund raising adventure. Go Karen!

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