Trustees - We need you!
20 Nov 2019

At Ethos, we are committed to providing our clients with the best quality of life while they’re with us, and giving them the skills to continue this lifestyle once they have moved on to their permanent home.

But we can’t do it without your help…

We’re always on the hunt for more trustees, but now more than ever. If you’re feeling charitable and would like to know more about becoming a trustee and what goes on here at Ethos, then we have all the answers below.


What we do:

At Ethos, we provide short-term accommodation for those who have experienced life changing physical injuries. We help our clients on their journey from the hospital bed back to independent living at home.

We run three Oswestry-based properties that are all adapted to our clients’ individual needs, so that their experience at Ethos is tailored to their situation.

We provide support in every sense of the word, and ensure our Ethos community means that none of our clients go through their struggle to regain independence alone.


What is a trustee?

A trustee (or board member) is someone who is willing to give up some of their time and expertise to help us make Ethos the best charity it can be.

Our current board members are a diverse bunch with a variety of professional backgrounds, so that we can use their different life experiences and viewpoints for the good of the charity.

We are currently looking for people working in design (an architect or a housing developer would be amazing), commissioning (you have so much knowledge), finance (we always welcome experts with financial background), IT (we simply can’t do without it!) and health and social care (obviously a massively important part of our work.)

If you’re in one of these sectors and are happy to spend just two to three hours a month helping us out, then we may be onto a winner.


What do I have to do?

As a trustee, you will:

  • Commit to spending at least 30 hours a year working with us at Ethos.

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings in Oswestry.

  • Participate in an induction programme, so you know all you need to know about Ethos before you get stuck in.

  • Receive support and training so that you can participate in the most effective way possible.


Maybe suggest it to your boss as part of their firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme? Maybe you are self-employed and have the flexibility to give back? Perhaps you’ve been a school governor in the past and enjoyed it but would like a fresh challenge?

If you have a spare few hours a month - maybe replace your Netflix binge with a trip to Ethos? - and feel that you have something that you can give, please do get in touch; telephone 01691 404359, or contact us via contact form.