Tom Watkin is running Yorkshire Marathon for Ethos
09 Sep 2021

We at Ethos are always delighted to welcome new supporters but we are particularly proud to have 27-year-old Tom Watkin on our team.

Tom, whose father was an Ethos trustee for 14 years, is running his first marathon in October to raise funds for our charity and to say thank you to us for our work in supporting people with life changing injury or illness to live an independent life. 

Tom’s father Marcus Watkin from Shrewsbury was left paralysed and in a coma in 2002 when his motorcycle was hit by a motorist driving on the wrong side of the road. Tom and his brother George were just 8 and 5-years-old.

Marcus is a leading fund raiser for the West Midlands Air Ambulance but also spent 14 years as a trustee of the Ethos charity - Transhouse as it then was – and is a keen supporter of our work. 

Tom, 27, who works as an acoustic consultant in Leeds, is tackling the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon on October 17.

“Fundraising for Ethos is a token of appreciation for the hard work that so many have put in. Ethos is such an important organisation but is often overlooked so I felt I wanted to do my little bit to help,” said Tom. 

He first started running when he was working for four years in China as an English language teacher. His first 10k run was on the Great Wall of China and it sparked a love for the sport. 

“I did the David Goggins 4 X 4 X 48 last year which is basically an ultra-marathon spread over two days.  It was a real challenge, but I raised over £1,000 for the air ambulance. 

“After that I was determined to do my first marathon as soon as I could and raise money for other organisations that help others in the same situation as my dad,” said Tom.

He explained that his family had received huge support after his father’s accident and had helped the family get through a very difficult time. 

“My mother Ann was a rock. She slept at my dad’s bedside in hospital until he came out of his coma. I have a massive respect for both my parents and take a lot of my inspiration from them,” he said. 

Tom is well underway with his training for the Run Yorkshire marathon combining his running with kick boxing and weight training. His latest training run saw him cover 18.6 miles in 3 hours 4 minutes and this weekend he completed the Leeds Half Marathon.

Please dig deep to support Tom’s marathon.

You can donate via the Ethos PayPal Giving page, contact Tom directly via Instagram at @tommy_wok or contact Ethos at 

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