Retired headteacher Nick Turner, Our clients are at the centre of all we do.
25 Jan 2021

We are very proud of the diverse experience of our trustees and the expertise they bring to our work. 

Retired headteacher, Nick Turner, 61, is no exception bringing financial and managerial skills to the board after 25 years of teaching in London as well as first-hand experience of people with disabilities and supported living.

Nick, who was brought up in Kent and now lives in Whittington, has been an Ethos trustee for over six years and is currently our vice chair.

He has a disabled daughter who lives in supported housing as well as a disabled grandson.

“That gives me some understanding of our clients’ position although my daughter did not live in the Ethos bungalows,” he said. 

“I believe in getting involved with Ethos as much as I can without being too intrusive for the staff as they are very busy and don’t need me interfering! However, having been a head teacher I am able to use my knowledge of finance and staffing issues to support the charity whenever needed.”

He said he had particularly enjoyed seeing Ethos grow and develop over the last few years as it transformed from Transhouse into Ethos.

“I am proud of the contribution my fellow trustees and in particular the staff have made in this process.  We are now very much a forward looking charity looking for ways to further develop whilst keeping our clients at the very centre of all we do.

“I would encourage anyone interested in becoming a trustee to take that first step and find out more.  We are a very diverse group of people and that is our strength.  We are always looking for new trustees from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to join us,” he said

If you are interested in becoming a trustee for Ethos, you can find out more at:

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