Refurbishment complete – thank you!
09 Sep 2020
by By Ethos Group

It’s taken three long years and around £100,000 but we at Ethos can finally celebrate the completion – well almost – of the major refurbishment programme of our two largest properties. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the organisations and individuals, both local and national, who have helped make our facelift possible with their generous donations. 

Since 2017 we have updated and redesigned seven out of eight bedrooms, given the communal lounges a bright new look and redecorated the entrances and hallways at our properties. 

But refurbishing our properties is so much more than a lick of paint. We look at the latest developments in the world of wheelchair access and care of disabled patients and try to create an environment which is the very best we can make it for our clients and their families. 

We are constantly updating our equipment to make sure it is both appropriate and good quality. All our bedrooms have overhead tracking hoists and all our beds are equipped with specialist pressure relief mattresses.

Two rooms have turning beds that provide additional comfort and reduce the need for manual turning during the day and night and help those on bed rest. 

Every room has a wheelchair accessible wardrobe with a drop/pull down clothes bar, all furniture allows for footplate clearance, all sink units are wheelchair accessible and have integrated hand holds to help position correctly.

Our wish list includes additional turning beds and any future funds are earmarked for those. We also hope to introduce smart speakers into all bedrooms in the near future too.

But not only are we equipping our bungalows with the most up-to-date specialist equipment, we also strive to ensure all of our bungalows offer a welcoming environment and a homely atmosphere where our clients can feel comfortable and relaxed.  We feel it’s important for the wellbeing of our clients to look beyond the technical kit and create a setting which is a home and a meeting place for family, friends and professionals. 

It takes between four and eight weeks to refurbish each of our rooms and furniture takes eight weeks from order to delivery. We also have to wait until a bedroom is vacant before starting the improvements – and we’re still waiting to complete one bedroom which is currently occupied.

The whole process is a lengthy one and unfortunately the costs keep rising as each month goes by. So we are immensely grateful to all those who have helped us fund this £100,000 project through donations and grants. 

They have all played a major role in our ongoing work to create a place where our clients learn to live, laugh and make new friends as they start their journey to independent living.

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