Meet our trustee Janet who tells us why Ethos holds a special place in her heart
11 Dec 2019

For our latest Ethos Group trustee Janet Jones, our charity holds a very special place in her heart. Our work has transformed the new life her son, Will, now leads after he was involved in a motorbike accident where he suffered life changing spinal cord injuries.


Here’s Janet’s story:

“It’s not that often in life that you get the chance to feel you can really make a difference. But joining the board of directors at Ethos was one such moment.

“I first came across Ethos – or Transhouse (Oswestry) Ltd as it was then known – six years ago after my son suffered life-changing spinal cord injuries in a motorcycle accident.

“He spent four months in treatment and rehabilitation with the spinal injuries unit at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital in Gobowen, Oswestry.

“The quality of care from the unit’s dedicated and experienced nursing team set him off on the road to a new life - in a wheelchair.

“That road is long and complex - fraught with physical and mental issues that are difficult to imagine and even more difficult to tackle and come to terms with.

“And when my son was discharged to the family home those challenges became even more apparent.

“This was a young man who had left home and had started living an independent life. The last thing he wanted was to be back with his parents, reliant on them for his daily needs.

“He wanted to live his own life and find his own way of coming to terms with his injury.

“Moving into the Ethos specialist bungalows gave him the chance of the independence he craved. But it was much more than a physical space.

“The experienced team supported him through so many of the pitfalls that came along the way as well as advising him on the complex web of red tape surrounding his quest for a home of his own.

“Ethos does the same thing for all its clients. It is a unique charity, quietly going about providing a first class service for those with life-changing physical disabilities.

“Since it was set up in 1994 it has saved the NHS tens of thousands of pounds by helping to ease bed blocking on the spinal injury unit and reducing the re-admission of patients to hospital.

“But it’s so much more than saving money. The depth of expertise, understanding and support for those with life-changing physical injuries is worth more to each individual than any amount of cash.

“It’s such a common sense idea – to provide specialised transitional housing and support for those who cannot return to their homes because of their injury. It seems unbelievable that the model has not been replicated across the UK.

“But Ethos is the only one of its kind.

“So that’s why I’m proud to be associated with Ethos. I’m looking forward to spreading the word about its outstanding work and making sure it gets the recognition it deserves.”