Mark Benevolent Fund Donation
28 Nov 2019

“We are dependent on the kindness and generosity of people for Ethos to continue growing and thriving.”

Which is why donations make the biggest of differences!

In September, we held an opening ceremony and said hello to a brand new bedroom in one of our bungalows, thanks to an extremely generous donation from the Mark Benevolent Fund.


The Project

With the £7,395 so kindly donated by the Mark Benevolent Fund sitting pretty in our pocket, we set off and put it to good use!

Each of our clients have their own bedroom, private access and communal areas such as a kitchen and living room. We think it’s about time our bungalows are given a refurb, so we started with the bedrooms.

While most of us take our independence for granted, at Ethos we know it isn’t that easy for everybody. That’s why our brand new bedroom comes with a fully-functioning hospital bed which rotates throughout the night to protect our clients from pressure sores.


The Bigger Picture

The bedroom that we completed using this donation was the last to be renovated in the first of our Oswestry-based adapted bungalows…

But we still have two more properties and their communal areas!

This is all part of a wider project to update all of our facilities to give our clients the best possible quality of life while they are with us at Ethos.

Not only are we looking at doing up our bedrooms and communal areas, we’re also dreaming of a newly-renovated gym and hydropool.

While this project is certainly going to be a challenge, it is one we’re willing to face head on so that we can provide our clients with the best facilities while they’re with us, on their journey to independent living.

If you would like to know more about what we do here at Ethos, or perhaps you’d like to drop us a donation please telephone 01691 404359, or contact us via contact form.