Make a difference with Ethos, says trustee Pat Moore
30 Nov 2020

Our trustee Pat Moore has a lifetime of experience in helping people with spinal injuries with over 40 years working as a physiotherapist at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital. 

Now she is urging anyone who wants to help people make a new start and achieve their goals to consider joining our Ethos trustees. 

Pat originally came to the Oswestry hospital to complete her orthopaedic nursing and physiotherapy training in the 1960s. She met her late husband and the couple decided to stay in the area. 

She pursued her career at the hospital and was appointed as physiotherapy manager with a special interest in spinal injuries.

She joined the Ethos (then Transhouse) board after her early retirement in 2004. Since then she has used her expertise to support the work of Ethos and served as vice chairman for several years. 

“My clinical background has been helpful in some client discussions. It’s also helped when we have been looking at adaptions, equipment etc,” she said.

“When working in rehabilitation, I enjoyed seeing patients becoming more mobile and independent. 

“This has continued with Ethos; seeing people 'move on', gaining as much independence as possible and becoming part of their local community again.”

She believes that Ethos serves as a bridge for those with life changing injuries or illness between hospital and the wider community.

“Returning to the wider community can be daunting for some people, made more difficult by buildings and regulations. We help clients negotiate new pathways and facilitate moving home.

“If you like helping people and watching them achieve their goals, this is an opportunity to join in, make a difference, not just for the client but the whole family.”

If you would be interested in becoming a trustee for Ethos, we’re looking for people with a range of backgrounds and expertise, and you can find out more at:

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