Look Around Ethos video
25 Oct 2019

We want to give you a tour of our bungalows so we couldn’t think of anyone better than our CEO Fae Dromgool and our clients Pater, Paul and Will.



From my point of view, Ethos is about the independent living skills that people require, to get a hospital setting into a home of their own.

What we like to do is to get as near to a home environment as possible, but obviously people with spinal injury or physical disability require certain things to make that safe or to have it accessible. All of our kitchens are adapted, even though they don’t look adapted. They have things like induction hobs, they have space for wheelchair access in terms of the sink, cooker and hob.



Fortunately this charity has let me maintain some independence and have a community of other people who are going through a similar situation.

I needed to learn an awful lot. I needed to learn things [I’d] never really come across.



Without Ethos being around then I wouldn’t have had anywhere to continue learning the skills I needed to learn to hone the skills into what I know now.



All of our rooms have profiling beds; they can be set to turn a person at night, a turn that happens on the hour every hour, or every fifteen minutes. It depends on that individual’s needs. The main reason for having a turning bed is that people don’t then require extra care, wake ups, so they don’t end up with pressure sores.



Coming to Ethos would be the perfect place to adapt essentially, to get used to what life is like using a wheelchair outside of hospital.



And for me that’s the goal of Ethos, to provide the confidence and independence that people need.