Karen and co brave the mud for Ethos!
08 Nov 2019

As we collect in the last of the donations, we thought it was about time to tell you what our 12-month fundraising campaign has got us into recently! Well so far - mud and lots of it!

In September, a group of us got our hands, knees and faces dirty in the name of charity - more specifically, we completed a mud run in an attempt to raise £5,000 for the Ethos Group.

What will that money do for Ethos, you ask?

All of your donations will go towards buying a standing frame, so that our Ethos clients can relieve themselves of pressure, improve their circulation and stand with the correct support.

We’re still waiting on the last of those pennies to trickle through, but we know every penny and pound will make a difference.


Peter’s Story

Peter came to us at Ethos in the Autumn of 2018 after he suffered an abcess in his neck which became infected with sepsis. The cause is still unknown.

After being on the edge of death, Pete fought for his life but unfortunately lost movement in his limbs in the process.

Peter lived in one of our properties in a bid to learn to live independently and is now looking forward to moving into his own home again in the very near future - maybe even in time for Christmas

“I don’t know where I’d be if Ethos wasn’t here,” he said.


The Mud Run

Our “God-send” Karen, who is the Team Leader at all three of our bungalows, took part in the mud run along with her son, one of our “amazing” Personal Assistants Megan and Peter’s partner and son, Lynda and Christoper.

Lynda, like most of us, admitted she isn’t much of a runner, but took part in the challenge for the sake of Ethos and her husband. After being told her husband only had four hours to live, Lynda wanted to give back for all the help we have provided her and Peter, telling us that we’ve given her family “a future”.

Team Ethos combatted mud, hills, bogs, marsh land, lakes, river crossings, tunnels, walls, net crawls, water slides, trenches, head dunks, giant bales and more...

Peter and his family have found a suitable home in Oswestry and is just waiting for a moving in date - now that we’ve done our job here at Ethos, Pete can leave us knowing he has the best quality of life ahead. But we are sure he will keep in touch!

The Ethos team absolutely smashed the mud run - but would you expect anything less? Keep your eyes peeled for the grand total and, of course, a big well done and thank you to those who braved the mud!

If you want some more info about us at Ethos, give us a call on 01691 404359, or contact us via contact form.