It’s a fantastic team says trustee Michelle Bunyan
22 Jun 2020
by Ethos Group

Our trustee Michelle Bunyan has been a fantastic advocate and supporter of Ethos for the past 13 years and is proud to have been a board member for the past six years.

She originally became closely involved in the charity in a previous job role where she worked with the Ethos team setting up the individualised care packages provided to our service users.

When she moved on from that role she was able to join our board.“It’s something which I continue to be proud of,” she said. 


She is now the trustee with responsibility for safeguarding and also assists with care issues as required. 

Michelle is keen to stress that Ethos is not a nursing home and that the journey to independence is at the heart of our work.  

“We are a small charity and provide temporary adapted accommodation for people who need it. The aim is to encourage independence and to provide an environment where the service users are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions.”

Service users

Her background means that she has a real insight into the work of Ethos from the viewpoint of both our service users and the charity.  

“Our properties and support provide our service users with a safe place to develop and find their own way of living again.”

“From a charity point of view the most rewarding aspect is working with amazing people. As a board we are lucky to have a fantastic team run by Fae who, on a daily basis, tackle all sorts of challenges and always have the service user at the forefront of any decisions made,” she said.

Come and join us

Michelle’s message to anyone interested in joining the Ethos board is come and find out what it is all about. 

“We are a great bunch! We would be happy to speak to anyone regarding the role and what it entails.  I would say, come and give us a go!”

If you would be interested in becoming a trustee for Ethos, we’re looking for people with a range of backgrounds and expertise, and you can find out more at: