Help us celebrate National Bed Month March 1st 2021
01 Mar 2021

Are you getting enough sleep? March is National Bed Month when The Sleep Council aims
to remind us all of why sound sleep is good for our health.
It’s something that many of us take for granted but the NHS tells us that regular poor sleep
puts us at risk of serious medical conditions including obesity, heart diseases and diabetes
and it can shorten our life expectancy.
For many of those with reduced mobility a good night’s sleep is almost impossible. Changing
position regularly, particularly in bed, is vital to prevent pressure ulcers and this often has to
be done manually by a personal assistant several times during the night.
However carefully that is done it will often mean a disturbed night of sleep and increased
reliance on painkillers or sleeping tablets. It also means a busy night for personal assistants.
That’s why we launched our Turning Bed Appeal in November. Turning or tilting beds turn
the sleeping person automatically giving extra independence to those who are paralysed by
reducing their reliance on overnight personal care and helping them get a full night of sleep.
We use these lateral tilting beds at Ethos for our clients who are most at risk. The automatic
turning programme uses frequent movement to change pressure points which helps
prevent pressure ulcers and aid circulation.
The beds can be programmed to turn a client at regular intervals. The movement is so
smooth that clients can enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep without the need for personal
assistants to manually turn them every few hours.
Our Turning Bed Appeal target is £36,000 which will buy six turning beds to add to the two
we already have.
We’ve got off to a fantastic start with an anonymous donation of £5,880 and £100 from a
local donor. This means we’ve been able to buy two extra turning beds which are already
making a significant difference to two of our clients and their personal assistants.
So, as National Bed Month gets underway, we would love to hear from anyone –
organisation or individual – who would like to make a donation, however small.
If you would like to contribute to the Ethos Turning Bed Appeal why not have a look at our
website for further information. Or you can email us at and contact
us by telephone at 01691 404359.

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