Hear from our former client and now volunteer Will Martin
03 Dec 2019

We talk to Will Martin, a former Ethos Group client who lived in our property for several years after he suffered a spinal cord injury in a road accident.

Will tells us what he has been up to since moving out into his own property and why he is a regular face at our bungalows:

“Having been a tenant at Ethos for a number of years, I decided to use my experience of living there to help those struggling to find motivation to move on themselves.

“By being a volunteer for Ethos I am able to provide peer support, with hopes of becoming a counsellor to further widen the range of help that Ethos can provide.

“I lived in the Ethos bungalows for some time and know first-hand the positive and stable environment they provide. I’m also aware of how difficult adapting to life in a wheelchair can be, how mentally exhausting it is.

“That’s where I come in.

“If nothing else, I volunteer at the bungalows to reassure the tenants that life can still be as fulfilling and active as anyone else’s.

“Sometimes though, the stress of being in a wheelchair can be a bit much. You can feel isolated, hopeless, depressed, angry.

“All of these emotions are understandable in this situation, and none of them should be ignored. So, if tenants ever feel that they are struggling to cope, for whatever reason, I’m there to talk to them and reassure them that it does get better.

“I work closely with the Ethos staff to make sure that the tenants societal and mental well being are as positive as can be.

“I like to think that by being at the Ethos bungalows, and by having a positive attitude, I can help motivate and reassure those who live there to show them that they don’t need to feel stuck or trapped.

“When you’re feeling like this, it can be very difficult to find motivation -  a problem that I experienced myself.

“It could be motivation for finding a place of your own or maybe just finding the drive to get out of bed. Whatever the reason, when feeling down and alone the simplest tasks can seem overwhelming.
“So, if I could give one piece of advice to anyone who reads this blog, it would be don’t give up, and Ethos has your back.”

Anyone looking for peer support and would like to talk to Will then please contact Ethos directly via contact form.