Have you nominated your charity of the year for 2020?
01 Nov 2019

Have you nominated your charity of the year for 2020? We’ve launched our £250,000 corporate fundraising campaign and need your help.

Here at Ethos, we have made it our mission to help people with life-changing physical disabilities enjoy independent lives. As a registered charity, the work we do is vitally important in preparing people with life-changing physical disabilities for what’s ahead.

We believe the ability to live independently should not be a challenge.

That’s why we provide adapted short-term accommodation and support for each of our clients, easing the transition to independent living and helping to free up those always-in-demand hospital beds.

Fae Dromgool, our Chief Executive Officer, tells us more about how and why you can help Ethos Group.

What do we do?

We run three properties in Oswestry which can accommodate up to 10 clients, each having their own bedroom, private access and shared communal facilities.

We create bespoke, tailor-made, care packages unique to each client’s particular set of circumstances and are with them on their transitional journey, helping and supporting them to once again live independently.

We also help clients find a permanent future home to suit their needs.

Most of us take living independently in our own homes for granted, but when that is taken away through physical disability it can feel isolating, and that there isn’t hope. Ethos is so much more than just a bed and a roof… It is emotional support, a community and, most importantly, a home.

How can you help?

Ethos has been around since 1994, and in 2020 we have made it our mission to raise £250,000 through a corporate sponsorship programme and other activities.

We have set the target of £250,000 so that we can install a new hydrotherapy pool and gym, revamp facilities at our three properties in Oswestry, and create a bespoke counselling service. All of this for the benefit of our clients, to make sure they are living their best lives.

As chief executive of Ethos, it is my responsibility to ensure our clients experience the highest quality of life and are able to live as independently as possible; we want this to be long-term, and not just for the time our clients are with us.

The work Ethos Group is doing makes a real difference to people’s lives and is helping address the problem of delayed discharges from hospital - it’s a sad fact but up to 8,500 beds are ‘blocked’ every day.

Our fundraising campaign will run for 12 months. It would help our cause greatly if we could gain support for our fundraising campaign and would love to hear from anyone who feels they can help.

If you want to help us out or learn more about our fundraising campaign, feel free to reach out to us; give us a call on 01691 404359 or contact us via contact form.