Five reasons to join us as a trustee
05 Jul 2020
by Ethos Group

We at the Ethos Group would love to expand our board of trustees. Our trustees are all amazing advocates for our clients, our work and within the wider world of supporting wheelchair users. But we are a small team and consequently we are looking to enhance our knowledge and skills with new trustees who can help our charity grow and prosper. So here’s five very good reasons to consider joining our small but big-hearted charity. 

1: Take on a rewarding and important role

The role of trustees in a charity is to be the ‘guardians of purpose’, making sure that all decisions put the needs of clients first as well as safeguarding the charity’s assets and making sure the charity is run sustainably. Our trustees ensure everything that we do is in line with our mission statement, goals and values. You can read more about the role of a trustee in the Charity Commission guide The Essential Trustee

Ethos is a registered charity providing adapted, short-term accommodation and advocacy support for people with life changing physical disabilities. We also assist in the search for suitable, long-term homes. Our clients learn to laugh, to work, to make new friends and to live independently for their future. It’s an amazingly rewarding experience to be part of that transformation. Former client Darren Hughes is now a trustee – read his story here.

2: Make a real difference to people’s lives

Clients, past and present, have paid tribute to their life-changing experiences with Ethos and their stories are testament to the work that we do. Some clients come to us after discharge from hospital, others may be living in the community but in an unsuitable environment. At Ethos we provide a specialist 'home' environment that aims to prepare our clients for independent living and transition to their forever home. We set up bespoke care packages with each client to help pave their unique path back to independence. Find out how Ethos came to the rescue of former client Peter

3: Be part of a small but enthusiastic team with a common goal

At Ethos we share the goal of helping our clients achieve unassisted living in a home of their own. Our team of remarkable staff support our clients with all aspects of that journey - administration support, advice and guidance, health and well-being support whilst our clients also learn the practical skills to live independently. We provide everything our clients need to live independently and also give them the opportunity to share the experience with others who are facing a similar journey. The trustees are a vital part of that passionate team. Read how Michelle Bunyan came to join the board and her experiences as a trustee.  

4: Being a trustee can be an opportunity for your own professional development

Being a trustee can help you gain experience of strategy and leadership. As a non-executive director you will be involved in setting a strategic vision, influencing and negotiation which will help you boost your CV or kick-start your corporate social responsibility programme. Luke Strachan at Reach Volunteering says becoming a trustee can give you many new career skills to boost your career.   

5: Two or three hours a month is all you need

We know that our trustees are busy people in their own professional lives. Therefore we ask only that they can give three hours a month and attend bi-monthly meetings to help oversee the work of the Ethos Group. If you can spare more then that’s great but we won’t ask you to give up all your free time – just a little of it for a very deserving role. 

We are particularly looking for those with experience in housing and building design, social care experts and IT professionals to join the team. But don’t be put off if you don’t fit those categories. If you have a passion for helping people to help themselves, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

To find out more about becoming a trustee please call 01691 404359, email, visit or simply click here.