Chairman of trustees - Martin Bennett
28 Sep 2020
by Ethos Group

Martin Bennett has been chairman of the Ethos board of trustees for 2 years now and a member of the board for more than 20, making him the longest serving member. Here he shares his passion for the work of Ethos and outlines some of the challenges ahead

“The service provided by Ethos is just as important in 2020 as it was in 1993 when the charity was first established. 

“In fact, in these challenging times when our clients’ choice is being narrowed by accountancy and cost, I would suggest our service at Ethos is even more important.

The best option for the individual is often being bypassed for the cheapest option for the authorities. 

“Yet we still face an uphill struggle to alert health commissioners to the fact that we are here and convince them that we can help, if they can just look beyond the immediate costs to the longer term savings and benefits.”

Originally from Nuneaton in Warwickshire, Martin served as a local authority councillor for around 30 years at Oswestry town and borough councils and then Shropshire Council. He was invited to join the Ethos board – or Transhouse as it was then – by a former member who was also a councillor at the time. 

“My work as a councillor – and strangely enough also as a local government employee (initially a librarian) - enabled me to help people, which I found personally very fulfilling. My role on the board – to offer help advice support and critical appraisal and scrutiny - was also similar to my role as a school governor – and chair of governors.

“In recent years the most rewarding aspect has been the opportunity to bring my external experience and contacts for the benefit of Ethos, to become more active as a trustee, and help develop the charity in the face of the changing times and circumstances we face.”

Now Martin is heading the call for new volunteers to join the board of trustees particularly those with experience in housing and building design, social care and IT.  

“Ask not what Ethos can do for you – but what you can bring and do for Ethos,” he said. 

To find out more about becoming a trustee please call 01691 404359, email, visit or simply click here.

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