A heartfelt thankyou to the Ethos care team
31 Mar 2020
by Ethos Group

As the coronavirus pandemic has swept up our way of living, the unsung heroes have come to the fore.

We’ve been humbled by the stoicism of doctors, nurses and other NHS staff, the cleaners, the shop workers, the postmen and women, the delivery drivers...the list goes on.

And nowhere is this selfless dedication to supporting others more evident than at Ethos.

Our team of care staff are amazing. We always knew this but the current challenges have shown that, even in testing times, they are fully committed to helping every Ethos client feel happy, safe and empowered.

We want to let our care company Active Assistance and all of our care staff supporting people at our three adapted bungalows in Oswestry know how appreciated they are.

Cooking, cleaning, mobility assistance, moral support - whatever our clients need to make steps towards a new life - our carers are on hand round-the-clock.

They are such an important part of the journey as those they support learn to live independently again after suffering a life-changing injury or illness which has resulted in them needing a wheelchair. 

The carers help our clients learn to laugh, to regain their confidence and pave a way ahead - all the more difficult to achieve in the current situation but somehow they manage it.

They help them to look forward to their future and not back into the past - and become friends at the same time.

When you look up the word ‘hero’ in the thesaurus, the word celebrity often comes up, but if we could, we’d put words like ‘carer’ and ‘health worker’ first because you really are shining lights in this pre, current and post coronavirus world.