A big thank you to all at the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital
11 May 2020
by Ethos Group

All of us at Ethos would like to say a huge thank you to the teams at the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital for their work in transferring patients to our transitional housing during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Our three purpose built bungalows in Oswestry provide accommodation for ten clients who are supported by a specially trained team of care workers as well as our own Ethos staff. 

Two patients from the hospital have been able to move out of the RJAH hospital over the last few weeks into our bungalows to start their transition to independent living despite the challenges of the pandemic.  

We have always worked closely with the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital’s Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries as well as other hospitals and community teams across the region but these are extraordinary times. 

The process of transferring a patient with life changing injuries or illness from a hospital into transitional care is always complex but the restrictions of the coronavirus outbreak have made it even more challenging. 

Everyone at the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital worked incredibly hard alongside the Ethos team to ensure that these patients were able to move to our accommodation despite the enormous extra problems created by the coronavirus epidemic.

It means that, even in these very difficult circumstances, they will have the chance to start their journey towards an independent life.

Thankfully we have not had any cases of Covid 19 due to the specialist skills and dedication of our care team and staff and the stringent measures we have put in place. 

But it is not a time to be complacent and so the transfer of these patients in such difficult circumstances has been a huge achievement and a tribute to the fantastic team effort by the staff at the RJAH Hospital.  

Thank you for everything you do for us!