by Ethos Group
Our team of care staff are amazing. We always knew this but the current challenges have shown that, even in testing times, they are fully committed to helping every Ethos client feel happy, safe and empowered.
by Ethos Group
The Internet of Things and wheelchair users We’re just about to start refurbishing the communal areas in our adapted bungalows and we want to make the facilities we offer to our clients the very best we can.
by Ethos Group
Lizzie’s life was changed forever when she was knocked off her bicycle and left paralysed from the waist down. She fought back through a period of lengthy rehabilitation, and with support from Ethos, became one of our top para-triathletes. Lizzie may have retired from competition now but is still fighting. . .for us at Ethos, as an ambassador and patron of the charity.
At Ethos, we are committed to providing our clients with the best quality of life while they’re with us, and giving them the skills to continue this lifestyle once they have moved on to their permanent home.
We want to give you a tour of our bungalows so we couldn’t think of anyone better than our CEO Fae Dromgool and our clients Peter, Paul and Will.
Will at Ethos
18 Oct 2019
"Within the first few months of coming here, I felt I really had more ability to sort out any routines I might need to go through. Also that sense of independence I got back."
Peter at Ethos
10 Oct 2019
"Most people at this charity come from hospital, after a motorbike crash, or a car crash, or a skydiving accident, or a hang glider crash. Personally, I hit my head whilst on holiday. Fortunately this charity came to my rescue, literally angels from the sky in retrospect, and saved my life."