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The transition to independent living.

Since 1994 the Ethos Group (formerly Transhouse (Oswestry) Limited) has been helping people who have experienced physical disabilities transition back into independent living.

From people who have suffered a life changing spinal cord injury in a road accident to others who are wheelchair users through a sudden illness - the Ethos Group is the place they can call home after discharge from hospital.

For many they said it might have only been a short stay at one of our bungalows in the market town of Oswestry in Shropshire but it was the most important and most productive part of their journey. 

Through Personal Assistant support 24/7 in some cases to being surrounded by the technical aids our clients need in order to make their own meal or to get out of bed in the morning - the Ethos Group provides everything a client needs to live independently.

That journey includes vital mental health and well-being support. Our team of professionals will support you and your family as you learn to adjust, whilst Ethos also gives you the opportunity to share the journey with others who are facing a similar journey.

You can find out about the difference we made to our client's lives through our series of blogs and videos. 

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Who Comes to Ethos?

Some clients come to us upon discharge from hospital units, others may be living in the community, but in an unsuitable environment.

Our clients may have spent several months in an unsuitable house which they could not navigate and may have felt the only option was to return home and live in one room of the house when they were discharged from hospital. We understand the desire to return home is strong but life can be challenging if the home isn't adapted for the needs.

Others may have been discharged to a residential or nursing home with elderly people where their needs cannot be catered for and they are not able to live independently regardless of the desire to do so.

All our clients share the goal of unassisted living in a home of their own. 

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Independent Living Accommodation

What can Ethos provide?

We provide a specialist 'home' environment that aims to prepare our clients for independent living and transition to their forever home that works for them. We then set up bespoke care packages with each client to help pave their unique path back to independence.

A stay at Ethos may have allowed our client time to have adaptations made to the home they lived in before their illness or injury or maybe adaptations are not possible so whilst learning to live independently they have sold their existing home and have found a new one which meets their needs.

Our team of amazing staff can help our clients with all aspects of of the journey - administration support, advice and guidance, health and well-being support, whilst the client also learns the practical skills to live independently - one of our clients said it was during his stay at Ethos that he first made a full cup of tea as the kitchen surface was low enough for him to see it and transport it without risking an injury.

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people suffer a physical disability, every year, around the world


of global physical disability incidence are due to traumatic causes


of people with physical disabilities show clinically significant signs of depression


Take a look at how Ethos makes a difference


Who we are and why we exist.

Ethos offers suitable adapted specialist housing, personal assistance and care, education and independent living services. We draw on our expertise, partnerships and years of experience of working directly with people to deliver change and a vision to end placement in inappropriate accommodation and lessen the impact of delayed hospital discharge.


To secure independent, integrated living opportunities for people with disabilities in order to promote their full participation into mainstream society.

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Bespoke care

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Our strategic goals

To work at all times through the empowerment of individuals to enhance and sustain their confidence and opportunities according to their individual choices.

The strategies to achieve the objectives of the charity are based on the social model of disability. This states that “disability has social causes which are not to do with personal impairment or illness”.

Our core values

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We can, and we do change the lives of people with Spinal Cord Injuries and for those with physical disabilities. Through this work we inspire people to help motivate others to achieve their aims.

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Our integrity is grounded in our unique knowledge base, which comes from our long-established service provision and years of working directly with people who have Spinal Cord Injuries or a physical disability.

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By giving people the tools to help themselves become as independent as possible, we uphold their dignity. We act with compassion, a sense of common decency, and with humanity.

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We are curious, creative and responsive, willing to adapt to achieve a wider understanding of the needs and choices available to people enabling equality of opportunity.